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familyimageHi! My name is Lisa Beck and I’m the founder and owner of From My Child To Yours, a new and exciting place to buy and sell your children’s new or “pre-loved” clothes at very reasonable prices and it’s a fun way to grab some amazing bargains while recycling at the same time.  My marketplace is Free to join and easy to set up. If your interested in becoming a vendor there is one flat fee of 7.5% only when a sale is made. All your transactions are made through PayPal. So all transactions stay confidential and secure.

We strive to be a family focused community of Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents and other family members and anyone who has children can come together. We would like to build a dedicated and trusting community where our members can buy and sell with confidence and ease. You will be able to shop from hundreds of thousands of children’s closets and we strive to keep an open and trusted environment for our community.

I created From My Child To Yours while I was pregnant with my last child. All these thoughts ran threw my head after I had my baby shower. I received multiple items of the same thing. So I felt funny asking that one person where they got the outfit from and have to tell them that I had to return their gift. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings in doing so. I also found myself going to childrens consignment shops because our children grow so fast.  Some of his outfits he didn’t even wear some of them he only wore once. I didn’t like the fact that I had to drive around to different consignment shops and show them what I had and wait for them to give me a price. Or tell me that they couldn’t use what my child had worn.

So I started doing some research online and found the same thing I had to actually send the clothes to the consignment shop and wait for them to decide if they wanted to keep them or not and wait for them to give me a price so that they could resell them. To me it was just a hassle or a waste of time. So I thought to myself why not create a marketplace?Create something so that I could in the privacy of my own home and as my child is growing out of certain clothes able to just take a picture of that certain item, add a description, set a price and be able to sell it online. How convenient! To me it was a no-brainer it was fast convenient and seemed like it could be a success. That’s when from my child to yours was started.

I wanted my marketplace to be unique and different. Something that no one else has created.  So I added a blog and donation center called “Jack’s Corner”, a place for everyone to communicate and share their life experiences. Through the blog It will be a place that you can give advice or even get advice and at the same time help families in need. I would like my blog to encourage other moms to feel confident and empowered in their own decisions. I would like the blog to include everything from helpful parenting advice to product recommendations aimed at making the lives of moms just a little bit easier.

Through ” Jack’s Corner” I personally would like to build up awareness for needy families and once a month I will send out a box full of children clothes and accessories to a family in need. So if you know someone who needs a little help than this will be a great way to help out. Every little bit counts and I know there are many of us out there who are less fortunate than others. Sometimes we think we don’t have much or our life or it isn’t going as planned but when we hear a story or meet someone who has it way worse than us I’m sure we count our blessings and say a prayer.

Myself going through rough times in my 20’s and learning life’s lessons while growing up has given me a little more appreciation of life.  Losing my Dad in my early 30’s to a horrific car accident and now going through brain surgery with my oldest daughter really makes you think about our lives and the world we live in. We are not guaranteed another breath or our next day so I want to take the best out of each day and everyday and make the most out of each opportunity.  I want to help families in need. I want to help pay it forward. I’m not giving up! I know I can make a change even if it’s a small one. So I’m joining other people in this world to help pay it forward.

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