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What is From My Child To Yours?

From My Child To Yours is a new and exciting place to buy and sell your children’s new or “pre-loved” clothes at very reasonable prices and it’s a fun way to grab some amazing bargains while recycling at the same time. We are a family focused community of Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents and other family members and anyone who has children can come together to buy and sell clothing and accessories from their child’s closets. We are building a dedicated and trusting community where our members can buy and sell with confidence and ease. We would like to build a community so that you will be able to shop from hundreds of thousands of children’s closets. We strive to keep an open and trusted environment for our community.

How do I get started on FMCTY:

The short checklist below will get you started:

  1.  Register To Become A Vendor:   Create  Username, Email, and Password check all boxes that apply. ( I agree to terms and cond. and Apply to become a vendor.)
  2. Site Name: Your username will be your shop name. Your URL will be your shop name
  3. Vendor Dashboard: Here you can go to My Shop/ My Settings/ Submit a product.
  4. Set up your Paypal Address, Shipping and Billing Address, Store Icon and give your shop a description.
  5. Tell us what’s available, what you are selling. Tell us how long you’ve been selling etc. Here you should list all your guidelines for shipping and returns. Seller’s tip: Offering free shipping will entice customers to buy from you. Who wants to pay for shipping?
  6. Start your closet: List an item for sale. Snap it! Price it! Sell it! Just see how easy it is to make your first sale! Remember the more tags you have for categories the easier it will be for people to find your specific items.
  7. Shop our Featured Closets: Or simply use our search bar to look for your next “pre-loved” outfit to refresh your child’s closet.
  8. Be a part of “Jack’s Corner”: Join our community and tell us your story. We want to hear about your everyday situations, ideas and struggles. Here we will be able to discuss whatever we are going through in hopes of gaining a friend or just some good advice. A place so that you can be yourself or find out who you are. I would like our blog to encourage other moms to feel confident and empowered in their own decisions. Our blog, Parents Helping Parents, includes everything from helpful parenting advice to product recommendations aimed at making the lives of moms just a little bit easier. Show us some love on Facebook, Instagram andTwitter, and if you like what you see join us at

With “Jack’s Corner” we would like to be able to send a box filled with children’s clothes and accessories to a family in need. Sometimes we need just a little help. Knowing there are people out there that really care makes it a little easier.
If you would like to send a donation we would Love for you to help us make a difference.

Send donations to: 

Jack’s Corner
8249 N. Triana Dr.
Citrus Springs, FL 34434

Can I change my username?

Currently you cannot change your username once you set up your FMCTY account, so make sure you choose something you love when you register!

How do I find my own personal FMCTY webpage?

All of our users have their very own FMCTY webpage, and this is what it will look like (CLOSETNAME will be your store name!): Promote your listings and share your closet with your friends!

How do I delete my account?

If you’d like to delete your account, please email us at

How can I trust buying on FMCTY?

You are protected every time you place an order directly through PayPal. Here all your transactions are secure and stay confidential.

Oops! I accidentally purchased an item. What should I do?

If you accidentally purchase an item please notify seller. All terms and conditions are through seller, what they allow and don’t allow.

What will help my listing sell faster?

  1. Sell your items quickly by following these helpful tips:
  2. Use great lighting when taking pictures! Buyers want to clearly see the item.
  3. Create a beautiful Covershot photo by modeling and/or styling the item.
  4. Carefully review your item while listing and include additional photos showing any damage, excessive wear, or stains.
  5. Write a thorough description for your listing by including the item’s condition, color, size, material, measurements, and any wear or damage.
  6. Share your listing with followers or friends through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email.

Can I buy and sell on FMCTY if I am not in the United States?

FMCTY is currently only available in the United States and its territories. We hope to be available to international customers as soon as possible.

When can I expect to receive my order?

We generally ask our sellers to ship out before the 7th day. However, the majority of our sellers ship their orders within 3 days of purchase. Most orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail, which is delivered between 2-3 business

I never received my order. What should I do?

Notify the seller as quickly as possible. If for some reason you are unable to get a hold of seller you can contact us at and we will do our best in contacting the seller.

What should I do when I receive my order?

Once you have received your order, please ensure your purchase is as described within the listing. If everything is okay with your order than great nothing further to do. However, if you receive your order not as described, we recommend notifying the seller within 3 days of delivery.

How do I sell on FMCTY?

To create a listing, click on the “sell” button located at the top and bottom of the home page. Once you register then you will be able to create your profile. Within that profile you will be able to list all seller’s guidelines (shipping, refunds, how long you’ve been selling and what you offer). Take photos of the item you wish to sell, fill in the required information (description, price, size etc) preview your item and then publish your listing. Voila – you’ve made a listing!* Please remember to only list items that fall within selling guidelines, and accurately describe an item!

 What are the fees for selling on FMCTY?

Our fees are very simple and straightforward. For any sale made we have a seller’s fee and it’s only 7.5% that’s it. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

What can I sell on FMCTY?

FMCTY is a marketplace for children’s fashion and accessories. Please refrain from listing items that do not fall into this category. Pre-owned items can be listed on FMCTY if they are clean and in good condition. All items must be clearly and accurately represented. FMCTY prohibits the sale of adult clothes. We do not condone the buying or selling of electronics, books, dvds, home goods, used makeup, used underwear, and any health and wellness products. Any listings in these categories will be removed from search or deleted. If we feel that your listing violates these guidelines in any way, we reserve the right to remove it and may take other actions, including restricting your future buying and selling privileges on FMCTY.

I just made a sale! How do I ship?

Congratulations on your sale! When your item sells, we recommend you place item or items in a secured box and add a shipping label as soon as possible, as your buyer is eagerly awaiting her or his item! Most of our seller’s ship within 3 days of purchase. Make sure shipping address is accurately written and double check spelling to ensure proper shipping. We recommend using USPS for all your shipping. Usually priority shipping is the most convenient and cost effective way to ship all your items. FMCTY reserves the right to automatically cancel any order that remains unshipped after the 7th day.

What is FMCTY Return Policy?

Seller’s are responsible for all returns. Make sure when purchasing from a seller you check their return policy. FMCTY is not responsible for any returns…

What happens when my buyer has reported my item as not as described?

When a buyer reports a problem with their order please contact seller. If a seller is unresponsive we can try and send them an email. If they do not respond to us and we feel that their listing violates these guidelines in any way, we reserve the right to remove it and may take other actions, including restricting your future buying and selling privileges on From My Child To Yours. Again FMCTY is not responsible for refunds or transactions.

Store owner etiquette:

  • Shipping time: you should fulfill orders within a few days no more than 3 or communicate with the buyer if there will be a delay. If there are specific shipping restrictions, those should be detailed in the product description. Providing the tracking details via email or within PayPal is an extra perk for the buyer and greatly appreciated.
  • Refund policy: please post your policy within your store details. If for some reason you’re unable to fulfill the order, please refund the customer immediately and communicate with them. Also, if you ship an item that’s defective and you’d like it returned back to you, please provide a shipping label or reimburse the buyer the cost to return the item.
  • Proactive outreach: communicate with the buyer before there is a reason for them to reach out to you. This is the best way to head off complaints or disputes.
  • Responsiveness: responding to the buyer within three business days is a good rule of thumb. Make sure you’re checking your Message Center
  • Store Completeness: Take the time to complete your store information to give your store credibility. Be very specific with your keywords. Spend the time upfront to finish these tasks and your store has a greater chance of success and searchability.

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